Landmarks Illinois Call for Nominations: 2024 Most Endangered

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Since 1995, Landmarks Illinois has asked preservationists, community leaders and concerned citizens throughout the state to nominate threatened or endangered historic properties for its annual list, the Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois. The purpose of the list is to focus attention on sites threatened by deterioration, lack of maintenance, insufficient funds or inappropriate development and to bolster local advocacy efforts and build support for each property’s eventual preservation. The Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois list also draws attention to important policy issues that affect these properties and historic properties throughout the state.

Once a property is included on the Most Endangered list, Landmarks Illinois remains committed to its preservation efforts, continuing communication and relationships with local advocates and elected officials to provide resources (including small grants) and connections where possible. In many cases, this has led to years- or decades-long relationships between local advocates and Landmarks Illinois. Staff at Landmarks Illinois can also serve as a link to pro bono services from other preservation professionals such as architects, engineers, historians and more.


Landmarks Illinois is accepting nominations for the 2024 Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois.

Anyone, including residents, local community groups and city officials, can submit a nomination for a site in Illinois to be included on the 2024 Most Endangered list. Nominated sites should be in critical need of preservation. They do not need to be locally or nationally designated landmarks but should be valued by local residents and/or celebrate local history or culture.

All nominations submitted to the 2024 Most Endangered list will be reviewed by the Landmarks Illinois staff and board of directors. Landmarks Illinois particularly welcomes nominations for places that tell the stories of communities that have historically not received equal recognition from the preservation field. Nominators will be notified in early spring whether or not their place was selected. The 2024 Most Endangered list will be announced in May 2024.

Please review our FAQs for detailed information on the annual Most Endangered list, including how sites are selected and what is required of those who nominate a site.

Nominations for the 2024 Most Endangered list are due January 12, 2024. Submit your nomination here.

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