Bob Waldmire “Archeological Dig” Visit to Cozy Dog in Springfield on 10/10/2020

Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway

The ongoing Bob Waldmire “archeological dig” took a break Saturday morning at the Cozy Dog in Springfield, IL. Jim Conkle and his team met with Buz and Josh Waldmire for photo opps today (10/10/2020). The crew has been at the Waldmire barn the last few days going through nearly 80 containers of Waldmire archives.

Jim Conkle is well-known by the Route 66 community, and his team spent several days documenting and curating Bob Waldmire material that is located at a family barn in Rochester, IL near Springfield. They plan to return at a later date to finish the documentation project, which they expected to get about 40-50% through at their October visit.

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Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway

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