Mt. Olive, IL

Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway

Located in Mt. Olive’s new city hall is the Mother Jones Museum, which preserves and interprets materials that relate to the life of Mother Jones and the issues with which she was involved. By 1900, Jones had gained a reputation as the most effective organizer of coal miners and their communities. She sought to build a labor movement that bridged racial, ethnic and gender divisions. The museum tells stories that are not often found in the history books about that important era of Mt. Olive history.

Soulsby’s Route 66 Shell Service Station is the oldest, most original station (along the route in Illinois) that has not been completely rebuilt. In 1926 Henry Soulsby opened his gas station on what was the far western edge of Mt. Olive. A handful of volunteers turned the gas station into a roadside attraction re-creating the Soulsby’s of the 1950’s with sunshine yellow pumps and matching yellow and red stripes along the base of the small landmark. Soulsby Service Station is also in the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame. The station is a frequent stop for many visitors from the U.S. and foreign countries.

City of Mt. Olive
Mother Jones Museum
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Mount Olive, IL 62069
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