Lexington, IL

Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway

Like many Central Illinois towns, Lexington is proud to have a connection to President Abraham Lincoln and Route 66. Lincoln visited on many occasions during his time in Illinois, often staying overnight, and his funeral train passed through town en route to Springfield in 1865. Lexington's Memory Lane is a well-preserved stretch of the original 1926-1930 Route 66 alignment. Be sure to also visit the new Lexington Elephant!

Farming was a way of life for Lexington’s early settlers, and agriculture continues to form a solid base for Lexington’s economy. The construction of the railroad, and later Route 66 and Interstate 55, also served to bolster the economic development of the town.

City of Lexington
329 West Main St.
Lexington, IL 61753
(309) 365-3331

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