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Illinois Coal Museum at Gillespie
This new museum in Gillespie is designed to stimulate appreciation for and knowledge of the role of coal mining in Illinois. The Illinois Coal Museum offers more than a collection of coal mining memorabilia. Visitors can take a walk through the coal mining past but also have a look into the future of the industry.

Exhibits include: the Gillespie Story, the Story of Coal, the Mines, the Miners, the Unions of Macoupin County and Children’s Features. The museum is an ongoing work in progress with new exhibits and displays being continuously added or enhanced. For example, the story of the famous Coliseum Ballroom is now featured with accompanying videos. Located here is also Route 66 information and memorabilia available for the travelers.
Alignment 1926
Southern Region

121 South Macoupin St.
Gillespie, IL

(833) 228-8603
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