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The Land of OZ on Route 66
Travelers on Route 66 remind me of that timeless story of Dorothy and Toto as they set out on their adventures to see what lay ahead upon the horizon. How ironic that a little girl buried in a Route 66 cemetery would inspire such a story. Dorothy Louise Gage, the niece of L. Frank Baum, who wrote the book, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" passed away before she was 6 months old. Her death would inspire him to name his main character, in a book he was writing, as Dorothy. The impact of his books and later a movie would inspire generations to come.

Fast forward to a man named Bill Baker of Top Notch Carvings, who was chosen to carve Dorothy and Toto from a tree located in Evergreen Memorial Cemetery

in Bloomington, IL on Route 66 to Honor Dorothy Gage who is also buried here. On Saturday August 11th, 2018 at 11am, the dedication of this carving was celebrated. It just reminds us of the treasures that wait to be discovered on Route 66!

-by Rod Ferguson, guest blogger. Be sure to visit Rod's Facebook pages at facebook.com/rod.travels & facebook.com/hotrod.travels