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Route 66 - Full Throttle
Creator of Steppinstars Music, Steve Henry, recently released a new song/video - "Route 66 - Full Throttle."  Henry's Steppinstars Music recently hit a milestone of 50,000 views on his YouTube Channel.  Currently, his song charts include almost 70 releases with "Route 66 - Full Throttle" quickly becoming one of the most popular.  

This fast paced, upbeat, instrumental song, with sort of a ZZTop sound, features Route 66 images from the various states along the road including a lot of Illinois "66" sites. Henry, also a photographer, personally shot most of the Illinois photos including the Route 66 Museum and Waldmire murals, and some Hall of Fame locations such as the Cozy Dog and Henry's Ra66it Ranch, to name a few.  Along with the various sites, the song features some motorcycle images as well as cars.  At the song's end, there is a tribute to Bob Waldmire, whom Henry had met a number of years ago.  Like Bob, Steve is also the son of a Route 66 Hall of Fame member, Illinois State Police Lt. Chester Henry, inducted in 1993.