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Selfies on 66 Suggestions for William Shatner on his Route 66 Road Trip
Canadian newspaper "The Prince George Citizen" announced recently that William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk on Star Trek and a police officer on T.J. Hooker, will be traveling Route 66 this summer on a futuristic custom motorcycle manufactured by Rivet. Shatner's Twitter feed pegs the dates as during the week of June 23-June 30.

From the Prince George Citizen, Shatner is quoted as saying: "From Chicago to Los Angeles - I'm going to do Route 66 and film it all," he said, practically giddy. "I thumbed it when I was 19. Just before I started at McGill I thumbed from Montreal to San Diego to Vancouver back across to Montreal. Part of that was from Chicago to L.A. on Route 66 - they hadn't yet built the intercontinental highways. So I'm going back on this motorcycle I helped design. It may just be a personal odyssey - the people I meet along the way, the fears I feel, the weather I encounter... The romance and the fear is in my fuel mixture. Can I do 2,200 miles on a bike? I never have. What do I see at the end? What happens in the middle? Who do I meet? Can I set interesting people up in advance to meet along the way?"

The Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway would like to suggest a few appropriate Selfies on 66 for Mr. Shatner to take and enter in our Selfieson66.com campaign! We certainly feel the most logical selfie (and hopefully Spock would have agreed), would be a Shatner Selfie with yet another famous space traveler - the Gemini Giant in Wilmington! He should also consider a selfie at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall in Livingston with the bright green Futuro House UFO! And, just for good measure, he could also cover his T.J. Hooker roots with a selfie at the old State Police Headquarters in Pontiac, which is shaped like a pistol! So, on behalf of the Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway, welcome William Shatner to Illinois Route 66 - we hope to see your selfies this summer! For more info on our Selfies on 66 campaign, visit www.selfieson66.com.