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Kruzin’ with the Bilecki’s - Litchfield Museum & Route 66 Welcome Center

To quote Larry the Cable guy - “Get ‘er Done” - and they “Got ‘er Done”!!! We went on down for the grand opening and ribbon cutting on June 1st, 2013 of the new museum. This is definitely another addendum to the State of Illinois Mother Road. Thanks to a fledgling group in April of 2011 consisting of Chick Bishop, Anne Jackson and Martha Jackson this dream became a reality. Many, many dedicated hours of volunteers helped put this all together. Our first visit in February of this year gave us the astounding pleasure of witnessing a completed outside structure with the neon marquis glistening in the sunset.  Previous to this, our travels showed us a former “Vic Suhling” commemorative sign and vacant lot.

The work of the business community led by Nick Adams, of the historic Ariston Cafe, Will Tackaberry and a host of many, many others and volunteers helped to reach this goal. We salute each and every one of you now and some day in person, we hope.  The new Mayor, Steve Dougherty, and Martha Jackson, President of the Museum, each gave an address in support of the entire project. The raising of the American flag on a sunny afternoon in June by the Veterans coalition for sure created a feeling of success and pride to all present.  Ribbon cutting (with the giant scissors) by Martha Jackson brought a smile to everyone’s face. Groups from all over the world were already lining up for pictures under the new marquis. It seems to be a success already.

Having traveled to Litchfield over the past years for many Route 66 events we salute you all. We are passing the word amongst our many friends on the Route 66 corridor from Chicago to St. Louis and beyond to invite them to Litchfield and support the community and the many others along the way.

On the way back to our home we could not resist stopping in Atlanta for lunch at the Palms Grill. This wonderful restaurant is under new management and still serves great food.  In addition, to keep the authenticity of the original grill, the waitresses are now in period uniforms adding to the nostalgia. Good job Atlanta and the new management led by Ronda McBride. Don’t forget to try the potato soup!!!!!

P.S.: Litchfield also has one of the few drive-in theaters left in the country which is called the “Sky View”. It is still open on week-ends and shows current movies for a small admittance price. Check it out.

By: Marty and Geri Bilecki - Kruzin’ with the Bilecki’s, June 7, 2013