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Investigating the Futuro House
Having moved from Missouri to Michigan in 1976, I'd driven Old 66/I55 many times over the years, but since moving to California, the trip has become a biannual jaunt more or less following Route 66. In 2011, with a car loaded to the roof and an impatient cat, a spaceship flashed by as we were headed north around Livingston, IL. Hard to believe our eyes! Much to the chagrin of my avid photographer wife, we had to stay our curiosity until the next year. In 2012, we investigated...it was a Futuro house, designed in Finland in 1968 and intended as a ready-made vacation house of the future. A friend of mine lived in one in the early 70's. The oil crisis of 1973 killed the house (all that polyester!), and they are pretty rare. Websites are devoted to them, of course, but here is one in the flesh, along with antiques, a pink elephant, giant men and Twistee Treat soft serve ice cream. It pays to stop and see the sights on the Mother Road!