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McLean County Museum of History Expands Outreach while Shelter in Place Continues
As the spread of COVID-19 became a reality, following the recommendations of health officials the Museum responded by closing our doors to the public the week of March 14. Since then the staff has been meeting regularly, using the Zoom App, and only essential staff have been working in short shifts on site to ensure facilities are sound and the archives and collections remain safe. The staff continues to communicate with members and community partners concerning event and programming rescheduling and cancellations.

The Museum is also working as a community of staff, board, and volunteers to assist each other during these times. Some staff are working on “mutual aid”, providing older volunteers with services like running errands, grocery shopping and other assistance. The Museum has also put together a list of resources available on the various digital platforms. for educators, students and Museum visitors.

For more information on what the Museum is doing please reach out to education@mchistory.org, gjkoos@mchistory.org or call marketing to schedule interviews. 1.309.706.9866.

Just because we can't visit the Museum right now, doesn't mean that we can't bring the MUSE
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for Museum-inspired, home-friendly activities for all our distance learning (and lifelong
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Other online resources include:
WESN Downstate Sounds with Bill Kemp https://www.downstatesounds.com/
Illinois Digital Archives (http://www.finditillinois.org/ida/byInstitution.php#M)
• Bloomington Normal Black History Project
• Native American Collection (with ISU)
• Pantagraph Negatives Collection, 1930-1939
• Pantagraph Negatives Collection, 1940-1949
• Search Tutorial by Rochelle (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8KozrpBMK8)

WGLT McHistory Podcasts https://www.wglt.org/programs/mchistory#stream/0

Google Arts & Culture (https://artsandculture.google.com/)
Use the search button to find over 100 items from our collection, images from McLean County,
or anywhere else you wish. Includes collections from museums around the globe.
McLean County Genealogical Society (http://mcgs.org/)
McLean County Museum of History (www.mchistory.org)
• Interactive Online Content
• 360 Degree Video – Lincoln in Downtown Bloomington
• Adlai Today
• HistoryPin
• Interactive Map – Schoolhouses in McLean County
• QR Code Smart Phone Tour of Downtown Bloomington
Pantagraph A Page from Our Past/A Piece from Our Past (PFOP)
• All Articles
Curriculum for Teachers (http://pfop.mchistory.org/)
On the Square Blog (https://mchistory.org/blog)

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