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Rising From the Ashes on Route 66
The Parkview Food & Pub, better known as the Parkview Inn, in Bloomington, Illinois, is on a mission to reopen after a it caught fire awhile back and virtually destroyed the historic establishment. The Parkview sits on a 1930 to 1940 alignment of Route 66 at 1003 S. Morris Ave. The Parkview has been around since 1928, and is Bloomington's oldest restaurant that has remained on the same site. This means it is only a few years newer than the very beginnings of Route 66. 

Just Imagine the stories this place could tell  !!

It is incredible to see a historic place such as this comeback to life. It is indicative of the American Spirit to not let go of a Legacy such as this. With tourism revenues up in 2017 over 2016, and the enthusiasm locally & internationally , this Route 66 landmark will be highly welcomed back to its founding roots.  - by Rod Ferguson, Hot Rod Travels