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Atlanta Unveils Hit the Road Highstriker Game Attraction
On June 13, 2015, the city of Atlanta unveiled their newest Route 66 tourist attraction, the "Hit the Road!" highstriker game. The game is located next to Bunyon's Statue downtown, and is modeled after the strongman games found at carnivals and fairs. The purpose of the game is to challenge visitors to see how far they can "travel" on Route 66 by swinging a giant mallet that hits a steel weight that shoots up along a map of Route 66 with each state represented from Chicago to Los Angeles. The game measures 7 feet wide by 16 feet tall and is illustrated with some of the more popular Route 66 landmarks. Visitors who hit the weight high enough to get to the top ring the large bell next to where Los Angeles is located on the map.

The "Hit the Road!" game is another innovation from the Atlanta Betterment Fund group, which didn't actually set out to create a new tourist attraction when this project began, but it evolved into one. The plan originally was to repair the wall of the brick building next to Bunyon's Statue. A local metal fabricator was hired to design and build the highstriker game, and a graphic artist was hired to create the large map that is the game’s background. Since its unveiling as part of its recent Rt. 66 Ribs & Rides Car Cruise-In and BBQ Cook-Off, the "Hit the Road!" game has been well received, with several participants using the mallet to successfully ring the bell. Be sure to try your skills out on Atlanta's newest attraction!