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2014 Route 66 Association of Illinois Hall of Fame Inductees

The Route 66 Association of Illinois made three inductees into the Hall of Fame in 2014, and nominations are currently being accepted for next year.

From the association: "Henry Nelch & Son concrete business is located at 900 South 9th Street in Springfield, Illinois (directly on the 1930-1940 Route 66 Alignment, likely a brick road surface during that time supplied by Nelch Company). While the road surface for Route 66 in Illinois has a connection to the company, it is important to remember that many buildings that housed numerous businesses along Route 66 were constructed with materials from Henry Nelch and Son – not to mention all those parking lots and sidewalks used by the traveler of yesterday and still today."

"The Postville Courthouse was erected in the Village of Postville in 1840, a year after both Logan County and a new Eighth Judicial Circuit were created. It served until 1848, when the county seat was moved to Mount Pulaski. One of the attorneys who rode the circuit and practiced at Postville was a young country lawyer named Abraham Lincoln." Postville Courthouse is the first IHPA site inducted into the Hall of Fame.

"The Hi-Way Cafe and Tavern were never upscale places, but there were known for friendly service and good food especially their spaghetti and middle of the night biscuits and gravy. After Route 66 was moved out of Edwardsville, it became a neighborhood roadhouse where ball teams met after a game on a hot summer night, or folks stopped in for something to eat after the bars closed. It was not unlike the fictional 'Cheers' in Boston as it became a place where 'everybody knows your name.'

In recent decades the cafe was closed and the tavern expanded into the former restaurant space. The tavern closed two years ago and just recently, the property was sold and has reopened as the Hi-Way Tavern once again."

More info is available at www.il66assoc.org.