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Elkhart Historical Society Celtic Celebration Concert 2019
Date & Time
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


The Finale of our March celebration of the Irish will be at the Gillett Chapel on Sunday March 24th starting at 2pm. Celtic and old time Appalachian music will be played by “The Hillbilly Celts”, featuring Dennis Cline, Joe Readnour, and Dan Grover. Dennis Cline, learned to play guitar and was influenced by Mississippian John Hurt’s folk music. Fifteen years ago, he added playing the claw-hammer style banjo to his many talents. Joe Readnour is a veteran piper who has played with various groups including the St. Andrew- Springfield Pipe Band for 10 years. Dan Grover a singer/songwriter played both guitar and bass with the Cactus Ranch Band, and loves to entertain. These long-time musician friends will bring a lot of music to Elkhart on Sunday March 24. The cost of the concert is $15 a person, and reservations are required which can be made by calling 217 947 2238. Reservation forms are available at the Elkhart Historical Society web site: elkharthistoricalsociety.org. An IRISH LUNCH will be available prior to the concert at The Wild Hare Café for $15.99 from 11a-1p (sales tax and gratuity not included). Lunch will consist of Irish Beef Stew served with soda bread followed by Apple Cake topped with whipped cream and beverage of choice.  The lunch is separate from the concert, but either or both can be reserved by calling 217 947 2238.

Gillett Chapel
105 Governor Oglesby Street
Elkhart, IL

217 947 2238