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The economy has changed and our ability to continue providing this support to the 90 Route 66 communities is being threatened by a lack of funding.  Every dollar we receive in donation is another dollar we can give back to help support these communities and small businesses.  Here are just a few examples of what your dollar can accomplish:

Experience Hubs

There are fourteen 9’ interpretive kiosks that are installed in key locations along Route 66 in Illinois.  These hubs are a highly visible way to connect the local community stories to the Route 66 story.  They serve as the hub of Route 66 information and are the catalyst for experiences in a community.

Wayside Exhibits

There are 31 interpretive exhibits that can be found in 17 communities along Route 66 in Illinois.  Each exhibit tells a story about that location and its Route 66 history.  Travelers are able to gain a new understanding of the Mother Road through these panels.

Interpretive Statues

Coming Soon! These thematic statues tell the story of the road in a unique way will be installed in up to 10 sites on Route 66.  Sculptural elements gain the attention of travelers and will be used to interpret resources that might otherwise be overlooked.  The statues will be installed with additional wayside panels that help visitors to interpret the site.

Bike Racks

Coming Soon!  These stylish bike racks are a collaborative effort of all seven Byways in Illinois.  The racks will be distributed in key locations to allow bike travelers along the Mother Road to secure their transportation while they are visiting Route 66 attractions.

Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway Partnership Projects Program

Beginning in December of 2012 the Route 66 Scenic Byway began offering small project program funding to partner attractions and communities to support events, attractions, and projects that help preserve the heritage of Route 66 and promote travel to Illinois Route 66 communities and sites.

Community, Event, and Attraction Resources

The Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway has made available support and resources to many Route 66 communities, events, and partner attractions.  Team members have participated in the Berwyn Car Show, the International Mother Road Festival, the Red Carpet Corridor Festival, the Carlinville Car Show, and the Edwardsville Route 66 Festival by providing travel literature, maps, and the famous Flashing Sticker.  Our signature Car Hoods have become an experience to remember and an opportunity for travelers to leave their mark on Route 66.  These car hoods have been on display in Berwyn, Pontiac, Edwardsville, Lincoln, Atlanta, and Henry’s Ra66it Ranch.