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The most famous road in the world first came into being in 1926 as part of the new numbered highway system and Chicago is where Route 66 begins

The United States Department of Transportation has designated certain US roads as National Scenic Byways because of their special significance to the American people. Route 66 in Illinois received that recognition in 2005. Our non-profit organization has the responsibility for the Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway and it is our mission to…”enhance and promote economic opportunities for each Illinois Route 66 community by preserving Illinois Route 66 Heritage and by sustaining and increasing heritage and cultural tourism…” We serve 90 communities in Illinois; from Chicago to the Chain of Rocks Bridge near Madison, IL. Most have a population of only 2,500 or less. We help attractions, small businesses, and communities take full advantage of their Route 66 resources to provide the best possible experience for visitors from around the world. We also provide information to travelers to help them plan their adventure down Route 66. 

Whether it is helping a “mom & pop” restaurant get new tuck pointing for their restaurant, aiding a small business with one employee in setting up free Google Services, or helping a traveler on Route 66 to find the best milkshake in Illinois, we are there to find a solution.

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